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Installing a solar power system does require an initial investment of funds. However, the long-term advantages of generating electricity from solar energy for homes far outweighs those upfront costs. Consequently, an increasing number of Perth households are adopting residential solar electricity to meet their energy requirements and the numbers are increasing year on year.

So what are the top 5 Advantages of solar energy in Perth?

1.You’re Using an Unlimited Power Source

Solar panel installation in Perth makes perfect sense when you consider the sheer amount of unlimited, free, renewable energy we have, courtesy of our fantastic climate. Perth is the sunniest of Australia’s capital cities with over 3200 hrs of sunlight per year. In fact, by installing an efficient solar system, it’s possible to meet most of your household energy requirements from the sun.

2. Solar Energy is good for the environment

Producing electricity from solar energy produces no harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. By adopting solar as your electricity source, you’re actively contributing to a more sustainable future for you and your family.

3. You get Immediate Savings from Day One.

Once your solar power system is installed, you start saving money immediately. The right solar panels and energy storage system will significantly reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid, saving you hundreds (or maybe even thousands) on your annual power bill.

In fact, most Perth solar systems pay themselves off within five years. Because quality solar panels have a lifespan of between 10 and 20 years, you will generate a positive return on your investment over time.

4. Solar Power is More Affordable than Ever

The huge demand for solar panel installation and solar storage has driven solar power system prices significantly lower over the past decade. In fact, costs have dropped as much as an incredible 75%.

Government incentives to adopt solar power like the small-scale renewable energy scheme have also made a significant contribution to cheaper solar installation costs. However, as is the way with most government schemes, the benefits are set to decrease over time. The longer you leave your decision to go solar, the smaller your rebate is likely to be.

The Western Australian Government also offers homeowners who generate more energy than they use a financial incentive in the form of a “feed in tariffs.” In other words, electricity providers pay you for the energy you don’t use and feed back into the grid. Historically, when these schemes change, usually by reducing the price homeowners are paid, the more lucrative rates have been grandfathered for those who are already participating.

5. A Solar Power System adds Value to Your Home

With electricity prices rising significantly over time and concerns about environmental pollution, the advantages of adopting solar energy are increasingly being recognized by Aussie homeowners. Adding an efficient solar power system to your home adds value, a positive factor should you decide to sell your home in the future.

When you ask yourself, “How can I reduce my electricity bills?” the advantages of solar power ring out loud and clear. Electricity generated from fossil fuels isn’t going to get cheaper or cleaner, and the cost of installing an efficient solar power system is now more affordable than ever.

If you’d like to know more about how much energy you can generate, and how much money you could save on your annual power bills, get in contact with the team at Perth Solar right now. One of our team will be happy to pay you a visit for a free face to face consultation to advise on the best value solar energy option for you and your family.